What makes the Time Square Suite Hotel prominent in the list of many hotels of Kuwait? Don’t have any idea? No problem, Deluxe Single Room that is ideal for those travelers who want a little bit more than a STANDARD Single Room. These Deluxe single rooms are also called “Standard Business Rooms.”

Deluxe Single Room at TSSH

At our hotel, the Deluxe Single Rooms are recently furnished for providing customers the feel of the perfect home away. Similar to standard single, our deluxe single room is also high-in class and can give comfort to the level best.

Decor of Deluxe Single Room

Don’t stop here; there are much more to know. The design and decor of this deluxe single room is the best fusion of East and West fusion. The first priority of our hardworking staff is to provide you the best comfort in the 12 -15 square meters of this deluxe single room. High-in functionality and technology, not only these deluxe single rooms but all the rooms at Time Square Suite Hotel are equipped with high technology features. All the furniture is designer décor. Are you an adventurous person or the businessman who are on business travel? No matter, in both cases you need some time to relax that can fresh your mind and boost energy into your body.

For the better rest, you can get fluffy pillows and comfortable duvets in our hotel rooms. For warm feelings, the set of Chinese style lighting is set along the sides of the walls of the deluxe single room. With the splash combination of eye-catching colors, all Deluxe Single Rooms give a very earthy feeling to a tired person. No matter, for which purpose you are staying in this renowned Kuwait city, the Deluxe Single Rooms are the tranquil treat for you.

With 24 hours of air condition service, the catering service for Deluxe Single Rooms at TSSH is also on the top. Are you a shower lover or bubble bath? Want to enjoy your bath in Jacuzzi with some soothing drinks? No matter, what you need? These Deluxe Single Rooms are all in one that provides you all the necessary high-quality things that you need to relax. 

Facilities You will Get by Time Square Suite Hotel

Are you curious enough to know about all quality features and facilities that one can enjoy in the 12-15 square meters of the deluxe single rooms? Let’s start by learning some significant facilities that you are going to enjoy at our hotels Deluxe Single Room.

  • All Deluxe Rooms has 24 hours air-conditioned service
  • Enjoy free Wi-Fi and wired internet service
  • Quality room service
  • Want to get access to the local area around the hotel? Use free telephone dial service
  • Getting bored, no worries enjoy different TV programs at Flat LCD TV screens
  • A hotel is known from the service of its toiletries, and at TSSH you can enjoy complimentary toiletries
  • Is it too warm in Kuwait for you? All the Deluxe Single Rooms have a mini fridge in it so that you don’t have to call room service whenever you need anything
  • Enjoy a bubble bath in Jacuzzi bathtub
  • Are you a business person? Do you need to complete your working before the meeting? There is also a work desk for you at deluxe single room
  • Have any important thing with you? Deposit it at reception and get again whenever you need it
  • Forget to iron your clothes? Do you have any urgent meeting to attend? Want to look presentable at any party? We can also arrange an iron and iron desk according to your demands.
  • Want to get ready for any business party? Are you getting late to attend the party? At Time Square Suite Hotel, we are also providing a hair dryer and iron rod for your convenience

More Facilities

  • Want some relaxation session? Are you get tired because of the adventures of your all day or your meeting is stressful? Get some relax with feather pillows and soft duvets

With all of these facilities, you are going to get ultimate comfort at Time Square Suite hotel. Are you thinking that these are the only facilities you are going to enjoy at our hotel? If yes then you are wrong.

What is more!!!!

What other surprises you can get if you book ? All the services of Deluxe Single Room you can get at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Kuwait under TSSH. The calming tone of colors palette in all deluxe single rooms increases your relaxation during your stay. Located at the backside of the Hallway gold market, you can get easy access to the all-important things that you are going to need during your stay — situated in the street where you can enjoy the chaos and exciting activities of Kuwait. With the perfect size of the balcony and windows, you can enjoy the fantastic sight of the back street and sunset while lying on your queen size bed in deluxe single room.

Are all of the amenities going to fit into your tight budget?

What are you thinking? Don’t worry you don’t have to pay thousands of rupees for enjoying the Deluxe Single Rooms at TSSH. They are not expensive like other hotels, and all the amenities are high in quality. Book your deluxe single room online and enjoy all other amazing services of Time Square Suite Hotel.


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