General Manager

Our General Manager Mohamed Ibrahim

In 2006, General Manager Mohamed Ibrahim had joined the family of Times Square Suite Hotel. With his hard work and dedication, he made the hotel well-recognized in the country by providing award-winning services to all tourists and visitors. Under the leadership of Mohamed Ibrahim, the year average revenue of the hotel increased from 30 to 85%. By keeping the hotel on right tracks, he made the TSSH the hugely popular suites hotel not only in Kuwait but also in many Gulf countries.

The hotel is continuously gain momentum because it representing the most attractive and desirable locations of the city. Dynamic Development of this hotel is the business key for many companies in GCC countries. The main focus of the hotel is to provide not only a few square meters room for tourists but also the comfort of boundaries of the home during their stays. From the past 5 years, the hotel is attending different pieces of training outside the country, seminars, and conventions that can improve the name of TSSH not only in Kuwait but also around the globe.

Reign of Mohamed Ibrahim and TSSH

In the leadership of Mohamed Ibrahim, the Hotel Times Square Suite has implemented comprehensive strategies that can increase the number of guests and tourism in Kuwait. With hard training of the Hotel’s staff, he has also implemented the services of secretaries for promoting tourism in the country. Development is the central part of his strategies that include the expansion of luxury suites, the betterment of equipment, a better blend of traditional and modern culture and making connections with more travel agencies. The engagement of the hotel with different companies also promotes the trade business of the country.

Early start of the Mohamed Ibrahim in Hotel Management Business

Times Square Suites Hotel experiences the vast financial and business experience due to the encouragement of Mr Ibrahim. From Egypt, he had done his associate course in the field of Interior Designing. He is the citizen of an Egyptian country. From the Philippines, he had obtained his high-school degree in the course of Hotel & Management. He started the early years of his career in Egypt, but for professional opportunities, he migrated to Iraq and Kuwait.

He took the fresh start of his career by joining the Sheraton Montezza Hotel in Egypt. He started working as a coordinator there in 1986. In 1988 he migrated to Iraq and started his career as a Guest Relation Officer in the Sheraton Hotel.

In 1991, general manager Mohamed Ibrahim shifted to Kuwait for starting the new journey of his career. He connected himself with the different hoteling chain in Kuwait. He excels experience by handling the management of popular tourist hotels in Kuwait. The more he worked with a variety of hotels, more his hotel managing skills get polished. His business and management strategies allowed him to defeat the high-boundaries of globally popular suite hotels. After migrating to Kuwait, Mohamed Ibrahim got the vast experience of working with Sheraton Kuwait Hotel, New Park Hotel, and Holiday in Crown Plaza Hotel. After all of this, his professional career and experience lead him to manage the business of Times Square Suite Hotel.

There had been precise results seen in the progress of the Times Square Suites Hotel. Before Mohamed Ibrahim, the TSSH was facing a financial crisis and was not the well-recognized in Kuwait. Kuwait is the main focus of tourism due to its different attraction points. Mohamed Ibrahim took advantage of tourism and enhances the facilities of the hotel that appeal not only seasonal tourists but also the businessmen that they can carry out their business in Kuwait while staying in Times Square Suite Hotel. 

Current Position of the TSSH

Today, on which momentum Time Square Suite Hotel standing is the result of hard work, motivation, and dedication of Mr Ibrahim. By making the innovations in the luxurious junior suites in the hotel, he has increased the global value of the hotel.  

If you are new in Kuwait, the staff of Times Square Suite Hotel will guide you to the hugely popular momentums of the town. Under the leadership of Mohamed Ibrahim, the hotel also introduces the facility of the telephone that gives a chance to the travellers to connect to the market of the local area. He has also refurbished the all luxurious suites and deluxe rooms of the hotel according to the modern era.

Are you booking a room in Times Square Suites Hotel for the very first time? Then you’ll be super excited to know that now you don’t have to be stuck in the lines of immense traffic because the hotel will provide all the travellers with the one-round and two-round pick and drop service from Airport. This is also the result of best execution of business strategies of the general manager of the Times Square Suites Hotel “Mohamed Ibrahim.”